Nadja – Fashion in the Bush

This shoot was the last shoot we did at the beautiful house of Cornelius Bosch, famous SA artist and our closest friend who was brutally murdered. It was on the Sunday. The Thursday he wasn’t with us anymore. It took time for me to be able to go back to the photos and edit them. So these are close to the heart. He always inspired me and supported me in my photography – he truly appreciated my work, which still amazes me, seeing that he himself was an internationally renowned artist. He organised for a group of people to be there that day and suggested I bring my beautiful cousin, Nadja, with for a relaxed day of lovely food (he was a wonderful cook), music and photos. He was blessed with the most wonderful talent and gentle disposition. He was also our Bible study teacher and my personal mentor. We miss him terribly but know that he is where he so desperately wanted to be, and that we’ll see him again soon.

One Response to “Nadja – Fashion in the Bush”
  1. beverly says:

    Paula, it is fantastic!!!!!!!! I have no words…

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