Justin & Tania – Zebra Country Lodge

Justin and Tania booked me and paid me before meeting me… Huge feather in my cap – thank you guys!! Tania was the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen – which made our job a breeze ;) Their wedding was everything a wedding should be: a beautiful mix of tradition, innocence and love. My second shooter was Alex Shiells – Thanks Al! :)

4 Responses to “Justin & Tania – Zebra Country Lodge”
  1. Tania Wolson says:

    Love ’em, Paula! Thanks again for everything!

    xxx Tania

  2. Silvia Tomas says:

    She was such an amazing and beautiful bride :) The photos came out stunning. My favorite are the ones taken at the Ndebele Village, the colours are so vivid and give the shots such a beautiful mood.

  3. Thank you so much Tania & Silvia! It was such a pleasure and honour to be part of your special day :) And yes Silvia – what an amazing and beautiful bride!!! Lots of love xxx

  4. Sandra says:

    What an awesome and magical day it was for a precious couple, Tania & Justin Wolson. The Photos are absolutely stunning and they really are a memory that can be kept. Thank you Paula for making my friends’ wedding an enjoyable journey through the photos she can always look back at.
    From Sandy Porter

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